It’s been a massive and wild ride the past few years for many of us. It’s safe to say all of us have experienced brilliant revelations and then a few knock downs followed by some pivots, reinventions, pauses and then some more brilliant revelations and perhaps another knockdown. The general vibe is that we are all beginning to find our center or calm within the crazy - ultimately a “new normal”. Lately, I feel like I’ve been a magnet to people in transition or wanting to evoke change.

The common thread: so many people don’t know where to start. For me it was a life altering change and crash that threw me into finding a combination of life coaches and spiritual healers to support me through my process. Which given my stuff is still in storage; is clearly still unfolding. However, my method of self discovery may not be for everyone. This is all the more reason, a collective myriad of real stories is needed to inspire or evoke the prospect of change and self discovery.

Transformation is rooted from connection within; and while everyone’s process is different - one thing remains the same, only you can do the work. You can read every self help book, cry on all the shoulders, see the best healers, intuitives, therapists - if you’re not willing to recognize and change patterns, you’re just going through the motions and facing the same lessons over and over.

What I’m asking for is getting back into the moments of a life transition, the lessons, vulnerability, the trusting in your purpose, process and sharing your story. Think of this as a cathartic experience, a way to release and reflect - a time to tell as little or as much of your journey in the hopes it can help others.

You should never ask of anyone something you haven’t or wouldn’t do yourself; so here’s the beginning of mine....I hope it inspires you to write yours; as all of you have inspired me to share my ever evolving story of transition.