I have no idea what I’m doing; yet I know exactly what I’m doing.  That’s basically been my mantra the past few years.

If you think about it - that’s what transition is - you know you’re moving forward; but just when you think you know what’s around the corner, you realize you’re not entirely sure; but then also are sure at the same time.  

If you’ve had that feeling, that uncomfortable out of the battle zone but not entirely moment or in many cases moments; pretty safe to say you’re in transition.  Which is NOT a bad thing - it’s just part of the process of CHANGE.

One of the most profound things ever said to me was “if the universe wants you to make a change; it smacks you in the face, over and over and over....”.   What I’ve come to realize is that if you miss the message - the pattern will continue until you ultimately heal, confront or work through it. Not everyone wants to, or is ready to, DO THE WORK.  The reality is, if change was easy, everyone would do it.

I wrote this book to share lessons that have been all around me and so many others in my life.  This is not a manual or how to.

It’s quite simple actually: trust your gut. That little voice we often hear, always knows what it needs.  

Sometimes, we can’t hear that voice and usually it’s because we are out of alignment with our heart’s desires.  Our heart’s desires are often guided by 3 thought principles that serve as the backbone in making decisions or moving through emotions.  At their best they are our guiding light of fluidity; at their worst they are the nucleus of stuck energy, anxiety and prevent us from moving forward.

We need to be FEARLESS in our actions. When we operate from a childlike innocence or sense of invincibility - that is when the magic happens and the ease is created.


Fully believing you can do something, rooting in unbridled confidence and loving yourself enough to take the leap.


Unabashed, trust.  Faith in divine timing and trusting whatever it is will workout when and how it’s supposed to.

When you waiver on these or operate out of fear, lack of self love, or lack of trust - that is when we freeze, spin or become stuck.  If you look back on a time in life when you experienced these uncomfortable emotions - you can almost always trace them back to being out of alignment with our hearts desires.

When you start to shift and move through these emotions - you allow yourself to get into the flow.  In layman's terms: You get out of your own way.

I have been a magnet for stories of transition; so I compiled them.  The intention is that it serves as a way to connect, help, heal and know you’re not alone in the process of transition. Know that all the laughs, tears, failures, triumphs, let downs, self discovery and all the in between are part of transitions which results in change.  

Maybe you relate to several of the stories, maybe it’s just one that moves you, maybe it’s just knowing we are all connected and you find comfort in someone else’s story.  If you happen to identify with a story or lesson or even pick up a few relatable tips - then my heart is full - as it has evoked the prospect of change.

Think of it like a grownup “baby sitters club” yet instead of sharing coming of age stories masked by a babysitting business; it’s unique stories of friends before, during and whatever else comes after transition.  

What I've come to realize is that even the fiercest break; but, it is how we put the pieces back together that begins to define us.  It is how we change from within that actions a more peaceful way of being. With that I give you the official beginning of UR Social Club - Tales of Transition.

So here’s how it all began, with a letter to my friends…